My name is Andy Lee, I am twenty eight and I am a freelance artist based in Bedfordshire.

I have been wildly passionate about drawing since before I can remember.

I am inspired by many things; like people, famous and non famous, animals, fashion and objects in general whether they be cars, furniture or architecture. I am also very interested in the many forms of modern popular culture, from celebrities, media, fashion and art.

Art wise I’m mainly drawn to the more graphic, expressive types like cubism, futurism surrealism, caricaturist and pop. Behind a lot of these works there is a serious, often dark message, but there is always a sense of fun to the work and I strongly believe that life should be fun and enjoyed!


 What I do?

  • All the images shown in the gallery are available in original or print.
  • I work freelance i.e. commission or fixed price to suit your individual needs.
  • I can work from clear photos or videos.
  • I will draw your preferred subject matter and give it the “Andy Lee” touch.
  • I feel comfortable taking on most subjects so please feel free to contact me to discuss further.